In this Tools video I will talk to you about the different type of pneumatic staple guns that I use. You will learn what size staples to use and when to use each size and type. I will also show you how to load your gun with staples. We will also talk about your pressure settings and tricks for staples you know will have to be removed for adjustments. We will also go over the tools used to remove staples and techniques to use these tools. This video is 5 minutes in length.
Fasco Long Nose Pneumatic Staple Gun
TacWise Pneumatic Staple Gun
#7 Staples size 1/2″ and 9/16″
Osborne 120 1/2 staple puller
Wire Cutters (dull are best)
Bent Awl
Ripping Tool
Bent Needle Nose Pliers