Cushions are not always as easy as you think. In this video tutorial on how to make a trapezoid cushion, I share with you the skills and techniques that I use for sewing this style of a cushion. When sewing and dealing with the fabric bias you can run into several issues. These issues often make the outcome of your project less than what you had hoped for.

By using the techniques I share in this trapezoid cushion tutorial you will learn how to handle the fabrics and have your cushion come out flawless. Pay special attention to the details I share with you on sewing and how to properly handle the fabric.  These skills will help you avoid having to tear out stitches on your next trapezoid cushion.

The skills in this video can help you with other sewing projects that involve bias cuts.

  • Part 1 Patterning And Cutting Fabric
  • Part 2 Preparing The Zipper Placket And Cording
  • Part 3 Sewing The Cushion

Run Time: 88 minutes

Supplies List

  • Fabric – Yardage determined by your project
  • Matching 69 bonded Nylon Thread
  • 6/32” Fiber Flex Welt Cord
  • Number 5 Nylon Zipper and slide – Long enough to wrap up both diagonal sides
  • Foam cut to size of template prior to seam allowances
  • Dacron to wrap foam – top, bottom and the front edge


  • Brown Paper for Template
  • Pencils
  • Paper Scissors
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Straight edge to measure
  • Sewing Machine ( I used a Juki DNU 1541s with a number 18 needle)
  • Zipper foot and ¼” Cording Foot
  • Straight Pins ( I used 1 ⅞” Glass head pins from Rowley Company)

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