In this video you will learn how to attach Synthetic Sagless to the bottom of the chair frame, and how to attach coil springs to the Synthetic Sagless using a Klinch-It Tool. I will show you how to use an edgewire and attach it to the frame and springs before finishing off the springs with an eight way tie.  I will also show you how I pad up the seat and hand sew an edgeroll to the edgewire frame. Next I will upholster the seat and attach a boxing strip with welt cord using a hand stitched method.  The inside back and arms will be padded and upholstered showing you how to add a decorative button detail to the inside back.  Lastly I will hand stitch the outside back before adding a decorative gimp to finish of the arms and back of the chair.

This video has a running time of  166 Minutes.


  • Part 1 Edgewire and Spring Up
  • Part 2 Burlap
  • Part 3 Padding The Seat
  • Part 4 Seat Fabric
  • Part 5 The Arms
  • Part 6 Padding The Back
  • Part 7 Inside Back And Buttons
  • Part 8 Outside Back And Gimp

  • Synthetic Sagless
  • Ruby Italian Jute
  • 3 prong clips
  • Zigger clips
  • Edge Wire
  • Coil springs
  • Burlap
  • Synthetic Cotton
  • 1 oz. Dacron
  • 3/8” and 9/16” Staples
  • Number 12 upholstery tacks
  • 1/2” gimp
  • Muslin
  • ½” Cardboard Tack Strip
  • 69 Bonded Nylon Upholstery Thread
  • Velvet Fabric
  • “36 Buttons


  • Long Nose Pneumatic staple gun
  • Air Compressor
  • 3 Prong Plier
  • Sagless Stretcher
  • 12” Scissors
  • 6” Curved needle
  • 3” Curved Needle
  • 12” Button needle
  • 12” Double ended needle
  • Button Press
  • #36 Button Die and Cutter
  • Soft Cloth Tape Measure
  • Osborne 120 ½ Staple Puller
  • Wire Cutters
  • Magnetic Tack Hammer

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