• How to Make a Square Bolster Pillow

    Offered by Donna Cash In the PDF you will learn:
    • Sewing techniques for making a square bolster
    • How to pull a button in a foam insert
    • What other types of inserts are available for square bolsters
    • Characteristics of different insert types
    • Step by step photos included
  • Turkish Corners For Pillows

    Offered by Donna Cash In the PDF you will learn:
    • Three different ways to sew a Turkish corner in a pillow
    • Butterfly, Gathered, Folded and Stitched
    • Common misconceptions in Turkish corner sizing
    • How to determine the size for knife edge inserts for boxed pillow covers
    • Step by step photos and instructions included so you can confidently sew Turkish corners.
  • In this video, Donna Cash takes the fear out of sewing zippers.

    Learn 5 different techniques for sewing zippers into your project.  These skills can be used for creating beautiful pillows, custom bedding, and more.  Did you know you can add these to window treatments and upholstery?  Heck YEAH!
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