The last couple of months have been very busy for us here at Kims Upholstery in Greenfield MA. As many of you may know or not know, I am teaching an Upholstered Headboards  class in Chelmsford, MA at the Radison Hotel and Suits on March,16,2013. This Upholstered Headboard class is being offfered by me and  Innovations Boston in association with four other industry professionals. Donna Skufis, Sam Sloan, Joanna Braxton and Ginger Thoerner.

 As for our part we have been building the headboards and preping them for the class. ImageBill has also video taped the  process of building,

[wpvideo BEE48Yfi] padding,  upholstering and closing the backs of the headboards   I plan on handing out DVD’s  of the entire process of building and upholstering a headboard to anyone that attends my class at Innovations Boston.

I’d like to show you a few of the things we have done. Here you can see Bill cutting and assembling the headboards.Using a foam saw to trim foam.

In this Shot I am gluing the foam to the headboard.Guuing foam to the headboard frame.

Here we have Bill drilling holes so that I can do my tufting.Drilling foam to permit deep tufting.

Some of the pictures and video you have seen here may be from other headboard projects that we have done. Don’t want to spoil my presentation at Innovations Boston you know! You will have to sign up for the class to see it all.

If you choose to join us you will also have access to vendors and their demos both days. These are some of  the very suppliers we use for our businesses.

Log on to http://www.innovations and register for one of the many classes offered.

I look forward to seeing you there.