Storing Zippers Efficiently

Kim and I are together pretty much 24/7 and it’s funny how you kind of zone out sometimes. I have my section of the workroom  and Kim has hers. We stay in our own space most of the day. I have my set up and order of things  and Kim has hers.

The other day I was recording video of Kim cutting zippers for a cushion she was doing for our upholstery class.I didn’t pay much attention as I had seen her do it a thousand times. Later as I was editing the video I realized just how efficiently she had been storing zippers.Rowley Company Dispenser for Rolled Goods We use several different types and colors so it could get to be a real mess. Kim cleverly put the rolls of zippers on a Dispenser For Rolled Goods sold by the Rowley Company of Gastonia NC.        

She even taped a yard stick to the shelf to measure the zipper to be cut avoiding the time lost looking for a tape measure. There is an old pair of shears there to cut with also. I didn’t realize she was so clever. I should invite her to my side of the shop some day to take a look at my organized mess and get  some pointers on storage.

Care to share your tips?