Hello and Happy New Year Everyone,
Decorative Pillows As 2014 began to wind down I began feeling like I needed a break from the usual grind of upholstering and creating upholstery video tutorials  for my up coming upholstery class membership site. Lucky for me I got to bring 2014 to an end by creating 12 beautiful pillows for one of my long timeclients. What a nice break from pulling fabric and shooting staples. In my opinion you can never have too many pillows, my husband Bill might disagree! Decorative Pillows with trimsPillows are a great way to add your favorite color to a room without making a long term commitment.  For example, if you choose upholster a large piece of furniture in a bright red or orange fabric, you are commiting to that color for several years.  On the other hand if you keep your larger more expensive pieces in a neutral color pallet you are able to change the feel of your room by adding some bold colored pillows.  Adding details to your pillows using different trims and combining fabrics can really help to show your decorating style and personality.

I have created a short video tutorial for you showing some added details and instruction on how I make a decorative corded pillow.  I hope you enjoy the video and will come back soon to see what I am upto in the future.

Have a great day and may your home be filled with colors that refelect you!