Are you struggling with applying curve ease to your upholstery project? Here are several videos that will show you how curve ease is used in different furniture pieces. Curve ease is used for closing up the outside backs and sometimes outside arms of furniture. When you don’t have a straight line, curve ease can be used to get a seamless finish.

Flexible metal tack strip, also known as Curve Ease or Pli Grip, is a continuous metal strip used to fasten fabric to curved or straight areas. Typically, it is used to hold the fabric in place where a straight cardboard tack strip will not work. This metal strip may be cut or produce using a CNC plasma software.

Due to its flexible nature, it is usually used around corners and curves, as well as in tight areas.

Most common uses: curved arms, outside wings, and arched backs.

When using in tight areas, upon closure if two metal tabs touch then the tack strip will not seat properly and pull out. To alleviate this, stop the tack strip short of the tight curve and hand close the area for proper seating.