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In this video we will show you how to build the headboard frame, pad up with foam and Dacron, add your main fabric and button tuft with contrast buttons as well as add contrast cording. Many of the skills you will learn in this video can be used in other upholstery projects.

The chapters in this video are as follows:

Part 1 – Building the frame
Part 2 – Adding foam
Part 3 – Adding Dacron
Part 4 – Fabric
Part 5 – Cording and Boxing
Part 6 – Covering the legs
Part 7 – Closing the back

Skill Level: This video assumes you have basic carpentry skills and basic knowledge of sewing.

What materials are used in this class?


¼” or ½” plywood or luan (underlayment)
2” X 4” for legs
1 X 1 5/8” pine board (this is not a standard board size so you will have to rip a larger board down)


1″ brads, nails, or wood screws (whatever you are comfortable working with)
wood glue


2″ Foam
1 oz Dacron
1/2″ and 9/16″” Staples
1/2″ Card board tack strip
Curve Ease
Metal Tack Strips
5/32″ Fiber Flex Welt Cord
Main Fabric 3.5 yards
Contrast Cording 1.5 yards
23 – 5/8″” Loop back buttons

Hi Kim, You saved the “day” for me as I proceeded to make this headboard (that I had NOT done before). Am enclosing pictures for you to see. I DID love working on it. We delivered it yesterday to an awfully pleased couple. They couldn’t stop “oohing and “aahing” over it. My husband and I were kinda proud ourselves!!!! Many thanks again!!! Most gratefully yours…