Welcome to the Kim’s Upholstery

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At Kim’s Upholstery we are all about education and sharing. We have become a community for those seeking inspiration, guidance and advice. We want you to have the skills and support you need to create beautiful upholstered furniture and soft home furnishings.

This community is made up of hobbyists, DIYers and professionals that all share a love for creating beautiful homes using their own skills, knowledge and abilities. Whether you are starting your own upholstery business, adding upholstery to your existing business, or are a hobbyist enjoying making things for friends and family, you are welcome here.

We now invite you to become part of our Blogger Program and share in inspiring and connecting with each other.

In addition to having your profile and a link to your website featured on KimsUpholstery.com, our bloggers will benefit from the following opportunities:

  • Social media exposure from KimsUpholstery.com (3.5K Facebook fans, 36K subscribers on YouTube)
  • Mentions in weekly Facebook Live and Youtube Live events
  • Inclusion in monthly blog roundups – emails to our email subscribers
  • Inside scoop on events and happenings
  • Special discounts on products
  • Featured blogger – spotlight post about you and an email to subscribers with same content

Interested in joining our community?
Email us at bloggers@kimsupholstery.com or
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  • Your blog must cover: upholstery, window treatments, soft home furnishings, design, décor, DIY, crafts, or similar
  • Your blog for Kim’s Upholstery must be original – i.e. not a reused post
  • Your blog must not feature offensive material
  • Your website must be at least one year old
  • Your website must have a post frequency of at least once per month
  • We like to see all of our applicants participate on a variety of social media platforms and engage with their communities


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