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Hi! I’m Kim Chagnon, co-founder of Kim’s Upholstery.

In 1996 I decided I wanted to reupholster a sofa we had in our home. I started searching for an upholstery class in my area. Lucky for me there were upholstery classes being offered…BUT there was a catch.

I was told there was a one year waiting list! I put my name in and began the wait.

Nine months later I was notified that there was an opening and if I acted quickly I could get right in…so I did!

Kim Threading her Juki walking foot

I began my first class on a very cold evening in December, 20 miles from my home here in New England (winter temperatures here often sink to single digits ℉). Once a week for 2 years I would pack up my stuff and head out to my upholstery class.

I finished my sofa and several other pieces of furniture in those 2 years. In time friends and family noticed what I was doing and began to ask me to reupholster furniture for them. Of course I did! And 21 years later I am still doing it and making a comfortable living doing what I love.

In early 2010, I began using YouTube to share my knowledge of upholstering. Since that time we have produced hundreds of videos. I now have over 57 thousand subscribers and 8 million views. I have made many wonderful friends along the way and answered thousands of emails.

Upholstery Classes Online

One of the requests I received over and over was to provide more in-depth training than the ones I provided on YouTube. We responded to that demand and now we can proudly say we’ve done just that. Our Upholstery Class Website is where you will be able to purchase a monthly membership and view a wide variety of upholstery classes, instructional videos, talk to fellow DIYers and professional upholsterers. You will learn specific skills, complete projects, and learn about the tools and materials used in the upholstery process.

Once you’ve become a member you can watch all of my upholstery classes videos on any device. These online classes will give you the skills you need to complete your own upholstery projects.

All of our videos are available 24/7. You can learn at your own pace and watch our videos as often as you want. These videos will teach you real upholstery skills. See the tools and techniques we use in our every day business. We are continually adding class videos to our library, and we are now even offering training to grow and run an upholstery business.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you. I invite you to contact me here.

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